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5 Hard Truths About College That Sucks But Is Necessary

College truths hurt especially when you are new to it. You can become afraid and might not want to attend college. My goal is to give you guys` advice about my experiences in college. I believe there are things everyone should know that they never tell you. I had to figure most of these things …


10 Ways Journaling Will/Can Save Your Life

More people are writing, and this is great for our society. There are major benefits of writing anything down. When journaling, you express your words though paper. These can be your dark secrets or random thoughts. I myself have been journaling my whole life. It started with a diary, and now I express my feeling …


How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is a real phobia. I myself have this phobia. I flew for the first time last summer. That was and still is the only plane I have ridden. My fear comes from the news. I see how planes crash, are hijacked, and annoying passengers aboard. My flight was so stressful, and I …