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Ever since starting my YouTube channel, I have become more confident. I am so happy I started the channel because I found things, I am good at, and I conquered many fears. I am now back on campus which means more content for my viewers. I want to grow my channel and my craft. I …


Starting My New Semester Off-Campus

Everything is changing, and it feels weird. I am living at my mother’s house while going to school online. One reason was to save money, and the other is car troubles. I am gonna take classes on campus next semester. I am gonna miss hanging out with friends on campus. It’s not like I was …


Is College Right for You/ Letting Go

Attending a university is a big deal. There are thousands of schools to choose from, plus you have to think of the price. Nowadays you have fewer people going to college, and more people starting businesses. I am all for it. Think about it, you are making more money without the extra expenses a college …