• My Blog is Ending

    My Blog is Ending

    This is going to be the last post I make on this blog. I am choosing to end it because I am in the process of figuring out my life. I started a YouTube channel, which I am working on, but I am working towards a better blog. This blog will represent everything I am and more. I loved blogging on this site, but I always felt like something was missing. It was just wasting my money and going nowhere. I am now going to take my time and plan everything out. My next site will represent my YouTube channel and my social media. I am in the process of branding myself so that I showcase myself. That is what it is all about. I will update everything on my channel. This year is forcing me to work on myself and my brand. I am doing it for me. Thank you for reading.

    YouTube Channel: Tatyana Green – YouTube

  • More YouTube Content

    More YouTube Content

    Ever since starting my YouTube channel, I have become more confident. I am so happy I started the channel because I found things, I am good at, and I conquered many fears. I am now back on campus which means more content for my viewers. I want to grow my channel and my craft. I will be focusing my becoming a van lifer soon, which I will talk about on my channel soon. Check it out and join the family!

    My YouTube Channel: Tatyana Green – YouTube

  • Eco-Friendly Necessity: Boxed Water

    Eco-Friendly Necessity: Boxed Water

    I started drinking boxed water two semesters ago, and I love it. This is a brand that revolves around sustainability. The boxes are 92% plant-based, 5% aluminum, and 100% recyclable. Their goal is to save trees and collect less plastic. The best thing about the boxed waters is that you can reuse them for a while before recycling them. I was randomly looking at things on google, and this ad popped up. I have been supporting them ever since.

    I thought it would be difficult since I was in a dorm, but it was very simple. There are recycling bins all over the campus, so whenever I was done using the boxes, I could just recycle them. I wanted to test them first, so I ordered a 12-pack. They came pretty quick and comes with a letter about how you are saving the trees (I loved it).

    When I left for that semester, I recycled them, but I am gonna order more when I return next semester. Since I will be back in a dorm, I can stock up on more water, and collect less plastic. I love businesses that revolve around the planet. It’s important because plastic is ruining our planet. The boxed water comes with water when you order them. There is nothing to worry about because we buy water every day without knowing where they get it from. This is a brand worth supporting.

    Boxed Water: Boxed Water Is Better® — Official Storehttps://boxedwaterisbetter.com/

  • It Starts With Coffee: How To Start Your Morning

    It Starts With Coffee: How To Start Your Morning

    I have changed my morning routine to start a healthier lifestyle. That means waking up and working out. I have been lazy the whole summer, and now that school has started, and I am taking online classes at home, I feel even lazier. I have always been a morning person, but for some reason, I was waking up after 11 am. That is lazy to me. I usually wake up at 6 or 7 am. It also has a lot to do with staying up all night. Staying on-campus is much different than staying off-campus. Your time is your time, which is why I am trying to fix the problem.

    I haven’t been much of a coffee drinker in the past. I am now in love with coffee and need a cup every morning. It wakes me up and gets my day going. I now start my day with coffee and a workout. My goal is to get in shape for myself. I don’t want to feel lazy anymore, so I am changing myself for the better.

    Waking Up

    If you go to sleep at a reasonable time, you should be a morning person. The mornings are the best because you are getting your day started. Wake up and groom yourself. Next, get some coffee and open a window. You need fresh air in the morning. Do some stretches and then go for a morning stroll.

    Working Out

    Taking a walk in the morning will get your muscles moving and your body aching for the best. I started working out in the morning because the weather is perfect right now (57F), and it makes me feel good. Taking a run and doing more exercises are even better. When you are done, cool off with a stretch and then make a delicious breakfast.

    Your morning is your peacetime. Even if it is for 20 minutes. A stretch can start your morning right. If you are a person who likes to sleep in, feel free , just don’t do it every day. I love the mornings because everything is quiet.

  • 5 Hard Truths About College That Sucks But Is Necessary

    5 Hard Truths About College That Sucks But Is Necessary

    College truths hurt especially when you are new to it. You can become afraid and might not want to attend college. My goal is to give you guys` advice about my experiences in college. I believe there are things everyone should know that they never tell you. I had to figure most of these things out on my own, which is never fun to figure out.

    1. You can cancel your meal plan- You don’t understand how crazy this is. If you ask anyone in financial aid or any staff member, they will tell you that it is required to have a meal plan. There are people who never use the food halls, so it could be a waste of money. It doesn’t help that these meal plans are extremely expensive. If you want to cook your own food and cancel your meal plan, here is my tip… Tip: Go to your disability office and say you have a problem. I canceled my plan because I am allergic to dairy, shellfish, and certain fruits, and I do not eat meat. It would be a waste of food and money for me. I got accepted and ever since I have not had a meal plan. 
    2. You will need loans to pay for school- If you don’t have a scholarship, a trust fund, or the money to pay for school, you will be heavy on loans. Unfortunately, loans are needed because college is ridiculously expensive. Do you have $20,000 a semester, because I don’t?
    3. You are on your own- Thankfully you guys have me because, without any information, you are on your own in college. What I mean by that is this is not high school. There will not be a counselor checking up on you every day. You are an adult, which means it is up to you to turn in assignments, apply for financial aid, apply for housing, register for classes, and more. It’s time to grow up once you enter college.
    4. One mess up can set you back- This one hurts. It hurts because I am dealing with this now. I have classes that are only offered in certain semesters, so if you mess up or are unable to make it for that class, you will be set back a whole year. It sucks, but you have to graduate, so you do it. It’s hard not to be angry, but you can use that time to grow your grade point average and add to your resume. I would say just keep moving forward and don’t be discouraged if this happens to you.
    5. You have to stay motivated- It’s very hard to stay motivated when you have fallen. College is expensive and hard to do. Classes are tough, and you will fail many times. It’s up to you to stay motivated. I recommend working out and hanging out with friends. Travel while you are in college. Just enjoy and relax.
  • 10 Minute Veggie Omelette

    10 Minute Veggie Omelette

    It is officially October 1st, so I wanted to start off my Saturday right. I had an hour workout outside in the cool air, so I wanted to cook a delicious breakfast. I chose to make an omelette because they are very filling. Below are the ingredients…

    • Plant-based ground beef
    • Black Olives
    • Cherry Tomatoes
    • Chopped Red Onion
    • Frozen Kale
    • Mushrooms
    • Olive Oil
    • Salt/Pepper
    • Season Salt
    • Garlic Powder

    Link to cooking video: Let’s Cook Together: 10 Minute Vegetable Omelette And A Simple Smoothie – YouTube

    I also added a smoothie which was a little thick, but was still delicious. The smoothie ingredients are below…

    • Frozen strawberries, bananas, pineapples
    • 2% Milk
    • Two Spoons of Greek Yogurt
    • Vanilla Protein Power
  • Airline Seats: How Sitting in Economy Will Make You Upgrade

    Airline Seats: How Sitting in Economy Will Make You Upgrade

    If you ride an airline plane, you know that there are three classes. Economy, business, and first class. Some airlines have even better seats for those who are willing to pay more. For example, Emirates have economy, premium economy, business, first class, and first-class suites. It is my dream to take a flight on that airline. My experience in airports has made me realize that paying for upgrades is worth it. I took an economy flight on Delta and I will never ride in economy ever again.

    Economy is a class that you are thrown into when you can’t afford the others. It’s a regular seat, which many people get if they are in a rush, looking for a cheap ticket, or if they get stuck with it. You are clustered together by three or four people, and the service sucks. Depending on the plane, you get bad food with minimum drinks. When I say the minimum, I am talking about half a can of soda and some nuts. I also think it depends on the length of the flight.


    The difference between these three is the plastic (lol). The main problem with economy is the numbers. There are thousands of people in line 24/7 and you have to get there about four hours early just to barely make it. That is especially for international airports. It is hectic and crazy. You are sitting next to people who sleep on you, who coughs on your ear, who have annoying children, etc. I took a short flight to Atlanta last summer and bought a economy ticket there and back. The airports were scary and hard to figure out. My seat was literally beside the engine and there were so many kids crying. They kept pulling the window covers down. I was sitting three in a row, and everyone was so close. After that, I said I would never ride economy unless there was an emergency.

    When I was waiting in line for my bags, I saw that there were upgrades to speed the process up. The silver medallion allows you to upgrade and cut in line. I will definitely upgrade and join the membership because I waited in line for over an hour.

  • Adventures I Plan to Embark On: Traveling Plans

    Adventures I Plan to Embark On: Traveling Plans

    This is about to be the best time of my young life. I recently turned twenty-four, so I decided to finally get my passport. I finished everything for my passport three days ago, and ever since, I have been planning trips. I was also surprised that I only paid $211. I got my passport photo (below) which made me even more excited. If you are thinking about getting your passport, I recommend it. It is a different experience, knowing that in a couple of weeks, you can go anywhere in the world.

    This is my passport photo. I am just happy that I am getting my passport. I should have opened my eyes more (lol), but here you go. I chose to take my picture during my appointment. You do have the opportunity to take your own picture. The photo service is $15, which is definitely worth it. It’s harder to take your own picture because there are many rules. You need great quality, a white background, the right expression, and no accessories.

    Solo Trips

    Solo trips sound so relaxing. Every time I tell someone close to me that I am planning solo trips, they always ask me “by yourself?” I never understood why people think you can’t travel alone. I want to explore the world with and without people. The experience will be different by myself. I chose to plan solo trips because I don’t want to wait on others. When you have more people on a trip, everyone wants to do random things. I just want to do what I want when I want and to have a great time.

    One trip I am planning is a solo trip to New York! I feel like everyone wants to go to New York. I am not trying to see any monuments in America. I want to experience the city, go shopping, eat delicious food, and stay in some nice hotels. I also want to see the countryside of New York. Yes, city life is beautiful, but there is always another side. I love beautiful land and never would have thought of the countryside of New York. This is on my bucket list.

    The countryside of New York is said to be gorgeous. I imagine colorful trees and people who love to visit the city but love the peace and quiet. The countryside consists of Catskills, Hudson River Valley, Adirondack Mountains, Long Island, and the Adirondack Mountains.

    One of my dream solo trips to take is to Amsterdam. I researched the Netherlands and fell in love. This is my dream country. I want to retire in Amsterdam. The architect is out of this world. I truly believe this is the most beautiful country. I feel like I can walk outside and have something to do every day. Since I want to become a van lifer, I want views. I want to be happy every day and I know I will be if I travel there. I am planning this trip by myself.

    Amsterdam is a dream country. You can bike, ride the train, and even boat. I want to learn to sail, so it would be so fun to sail to Amsterdam. This country is romantic and chic at the same time.

  • How I Save for Necessities’ as a Broke College Student

    How I Save for Necessities’ as a Broke College Student

    Being a broke college student is so normal for entering students. Luckily for me, it is still around. When you are in school, you have to make do with what you got, especially if you are living on campus. Now that I have moved back home, I am saving my money for important things. I moved off campus to save money, which is still difficult. The great thing about being home is that I have a lot of free time. I am taking online classes, so I have a lot of time to blog. I am currently working to turn my blog into my full income. Until then, I have to find a job and save.

    Everyday necessities for college students involve food, clothes, school supplies, and hobbies. When saving, I find it best to calculate everything and to put yourself on a budget. Grocery shopping is harder than you think. It’s not just buying things. It’s hard because just about everyone forgets what they need and ends up buying random things. A favorite tip of my is to write it down.

    Tip: Take your calculator and add $2-$5 before you start shopping. This is so you know you will never be over your budget. In the end, you can add one or two more things and still be within budget. This method has saved me so much money.

    Before leaving your house, you should have a grocery list and a budget. When shopping, don’t go for the pricey foods. They may be better brands, but cheaper is better if you are saving money. This is the best method for college students on a budget. There was a time when I never went over $50 when grocery shopping. I budgeted and knew exactly what I needed. It was only me in my dorm and I wanted to cook my own food.

    Shopping for clothes can and will drain your bank account. As someone who does not know how to sew, I get rid of clothes a lot. I donate excess clothes for good will and I try not to buy so much. If you go through your entire closet, you will be surprised by how much you waste. I recommend shopping for the seasons. When it’s cold, you should only shop for that season. Why would you buy bathing suits in the winter? Save your money. Some creative people make their own clothes. I envy those people.

    The broke college student is a real thing. It’s hard to pay for college, take care of yourself, and focus on a job and school. You have to make do with what you have. Humans waste a lot without knowing. Your college life does not have to be extra expensive.

  • Eating Pretty: Why Can’t Women Eat Like Men Without Being Judged

    Eating Pretty: Why Can’t Women Eat Like Men Without Being Judged

    Eating in general takes skill. You have to make sure you don’t drop food, use the right utensils, and be prepared for people to look at you. Have you ever eaten without dropping food? The difference between men and women with food is astonishing. Men can digest more, so they consume more. Women can digest a good amount but we get full faster. Everyone gets surprised when women eat more than they should. Maybe we look like animals to men, or maybe they think women are competition. Back in the day, women had more etiquette than we do now. It didn’t matter what class they were in either. Men also had more etiquette than they do now.

    When eating in public, women try their best to at pretty because they know men are watching them. You always have to be prepared. What if you are stuffing your face and a handsome man walks over to talk to you? Why should women care? Why would a man judge a woman based on how she eats? If we rate men on their eating style, we would give them a rate of “barbaric.” Some guys like women who eat a lot. Those are the type of guys who have long relationships (lol). You shouldn’t judge someone on how they eat. It’s food, not a grammy.