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Airline Seats: How Sitting in Economy Will Make You Upgrade

If you ride an airline plane, you know that there are three classes. Economy, business, and first class. Some airlines have even better seats for those who are willing to pay more. For example, Emirates have economy, premium economy, business, first class, and first-class suites. It is my dream to take a flight on that …


How to Plan a Trip with Friends

I love when things go unplanned although plans are nice. Saving money for trips is good because you want to spend money. The best thing about traveling with friends is that all of you can split the price. I am planning a trip with a friend. She has another friend who wants to join, and …


Tips for Staying in a Hotel for the First time

Hotels can be scary if you have never stayed in one. Picking the right hotel is tricky because you want to be comfortable. Once you choose your hotel, depending on where you are staying, you want to find places near you to eat. Not everyone eats room service. Organization is another problem when people stay …