I only have three semesters of college left and my fears are coming up. I know what graduate school I want to go to, but the more I think about it, the scarier it gets. I have three semesters to raise my GPA and pass all my classes. The good thing is that I only need twelve more credits, but since one mess-up can push you back, I now have more time. It was actually a blessing because I now have time to raise everything. I will not tell you guys’ what school I chose to work towards, but a good hint is that it is out of the country.

I found some good tips for people who are looking for graduate schools. The best tip is to have more than two options. I plan to attend in 2024, but I only have three semesters, so I do not have a lot of time. Since I am planning to leave the country, I also have more things to look at. Where will I stay and work? I have been looking at the rent in the places I have decided to get a pinpoint of what people pay. It might sound early because it is 2022, but you would be surprised when that time comes. The same thing goes when looking for colleges in high school. They say you should start in your junior year of high school. The same goes for your college years.

Even though I say graduate schools are my fear, it is also exciting. Thinking about furthering your education to get your dream job takes passion. Not everyone goes that far. They either think it is a waste of time or too much money. I see it as learning from those with all the wonderful knowledge. Anthropology is the coolest degree in my eyes. I get to learn from those who traveled all around the world to study Homini species. To learn what experts believed happened before we were here. It is so dreamy, and I cannot wait to research around the world.

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