Graduate School is important depending on how far you want to go into your dream career. Not every career needs a Ph.D., but certain careers want you to have the excess knowledge. My dream career is to be a paleoanthropologist, which means I need a Ph.D. I will get knowledge around the world from the best and get lots of field experience. I have three semesters left in college; I am already planning. I have researched many graduate programs and found two I love. One is in Canada, and the other is in London. The best part of it all is that my passport finally came in the mail. I am equipped to travel the world. I am planning trips travel to both countries to explore them.

I am still working to raise my GPA, so I plan to start applying in the fall of next year. You should research everything about the schools including when their application terms start. The school I want to attend in Quebec Canada is Mcgill University. Their application terms for the semesters open months before, so you need to plan according to their schedules. Depending on where you want to go, you also have to think about living situations. I do not plan to live on campus, so I have been researching apartments in both countries. It is my dream to move out of America and stay in a place where I can travel around. London sounds beautiful, but Canada is also beautiful. Canada is clean and has amazing scenery, as does London. I was looking for schools in the Netherlands as well because my dream is to live in Amsterdam.

Planning is always the best part for me. You get to research schools and cities to see what you will like. I need to be around cafes and views. I want to be around delicious food and great places to hang out with friends. I have started my graduate school plans last semester, and I am almost ready. I know the schools; I just need to save a lot of money to live there (lol).

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