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Tips for Bleaching Your Hair + Shaving


I have always loved short hair. I cut my hair for the first time in 10th grade because my hair was severely damaged. I was getting perms and putting too much heat on my hair. Ever since then, I have been fully natural. I did a big chop yesterday and bleached my hair. It is the best look I have ever achieved. I was looking for something different, and I got it. I was trying to go platinum, but I was too tired to bleach it again. I will bleach it later, but it will be platinum the next time I bleach it. My hair is very golden, and my natural curls are poppin! Below is my hair.

This is a new look for me. When I used to bleach my hair, I always dyed it red. Red was my favorite, but I wanted something totally different. I never thought I would go this short, but I absolutely love it. I will give you guys some tips for bleaching and cutting. If you are like me, you wing it every time (lol).

My full hair tutorial of this look:


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