Blogging has become so popular around the world. I love to blog, but I do get writer’s block from time to time. I am the type of person who needs to blog in different places. The best place to blog is in cafes, in my opinion. There is something cozy about cafes. You can sit and hang with friends, get a drink and chill, relax, and meet new people. I am not a city person, but I love coming to the city to visit different cafes. I also like the food and drinks they serve. It is also on my bucket list to own my own cozy cafe.

If you are a college student, cafes can be your best friend. You can hang out with friends all day. You can do your homework and once again, blog. I am a lifestyle blogger, so I like to talk about my college life. When you go to a cafe near your campus, you will see so many things and the same faces. I can get ideas for blog topics while I am in a cafe, which I love. I live in Little Rock and was searching for a cafe near me. I found a lovely cafe (The one I am talking to you about at this moment) up the street, which is perfect because I can come back. I feel like I will be up here every day.

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Your typical college student who can relate to everyone. I am a non-meat eater, spirits believer, and a lover.