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Mylo Coffee Co: Cafe in the City


In Little Rock, you can find delicious food around the corner. I am a cafe person, so I visited this cafe this morning. It was such a vibe and had delicious food. The weather was 30 degrees and leaves were falling. It felt and looked like something from a movie. I finally came to this cafe and was not disappointed. I stayed for an hour blogging and then took a nice drive.

I ordered something light, but it was more than I thought. I ordered avocado toast, a blueberry almond scone, and a latte. I found out that I do not like lattes (lol). I started to like it after sipping on it for a while. The toast was delicious and very pretty. The scone was also delicious. I sat by the window and took out my commuter and watched the leaves blow. It is always cold during October, so this is the perfect weather. I love the cold so I will be out a lot.

This cafe is located in the perfect area of Little Rock. It is not in the city. It is in an area where there are small shops everywhere. I’m talking pottery, pizza, clothes, antiques, etc. The only thing I hated was trying to parallel park. I was on the side curb. I am so happy I found this cafe. I was looking for a cafe to blog in, and now I have found it.

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