Growing up in the projects and with a single mom opened my eyes at a young age. I never knew how far I would go with my education. I knew I would go to high school, but my plans after school were different. I wanted to go to the police academy after high school, but a lot of things changed my mind. I chose to go to college and found my calling. I got accepted to college all by myself, and I am planning to go to graduate school in 2024 in the fall. I never thought I would be planning things like this. I chose to do these things to further me in the future, but everyone is different.

Graduate school is not talked about enough in the black community. There are many professions and businesses nowadays, but they are constantly making it harder to get into careers. Going to graduate school means you are getting a master’s and a doctorate. Many jobs are making people get master’s degrees, but every career does not need one. You mainly see graduate students who are pursuing careers in medicine, technology, and research. I have to get a Ph.D. in Anthropology, but the good thing is that I plan to get it before I turn 30. That is a powerful accomplishment for me.

Going to graduate school depends on what you plan to do after school. That is why planning is key. I have about three backup plans, and I am always researching. I chose to further my education because it is important for black people to be educated. There are a lot of young black kids that drop out of high school and never look back. That gives (you know who) people more room to judge. I hate to be the one to say this, but a lot of white people don’t want to see black people successful. That does not mean you are not successful in college. These days people are starting businesses without degrees. The black community is amazing with businesses. They are proving everyone wrong. The more we keep it going, the more they will hate it. That is the goal. If you are currently lost in school, take your time and figure out what you want to do with your life.

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