I am planning to move back to campus in the spring. I will be decorating my dorm once again, but I am planning to decorate it seriously. I went shopping for some storage yesterday. The container store is the best place for storage. They have great cheap prices if you are on a budget, plus it is a place for storage. In a dorm room, they only have one desk and usually a small drawer. You bring loads of stuff with you, so storage is key.

The same day I went to home goods to pick out some desk decor. I didn’t have anything specific, but I found some nice things. My goal was to find a comforter, but they didn’t have any that I was looking for. I found a beautiful globe, cute alarm clock, and the perfect lap desk. I wanted a lap desk so that I could be comfortable in my bed.

I also purchased a task board. The board can be marked on, pinned, and is perfect for busy students. My sister also wanted one because her classes are so high maintenance. My classes are the same. When you have many classes, you may forget that you have an essay.

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