My dream of traveling around the world is coming soon. I have officially completed the passport section and paid for everything. I am now waiting to receive my passport. I cannot tell you guys what this feeling is. Those who have their passport know the feeling. My mom got her passport a couple of years ago and has traveled with friends out of the country. She kept telling me and my sisters that we should get one. None of my sisters are trying to get one anytime soon, but I have been planning to get mine. I went to get mine in September, and the guy said it should be here by end of October or December.

I have a dream of living in Amsterdam, so it makes me happy to start this process while I am in college. I do plan to take some trips while I am in college. My graduation date is in the spring of 2024, so I will be able to take a fun graduation trip out of the country. I tried to convince my friends to get theirs, but if they don’t, I will go by myself and enjoy it. Everyone should want to travel in their lifetime. Life is too short to be still.

I have had writer’s block for about a week, so I tried to relax for a while. I was stressed out because of personal, but I am okay now and ready to write. I have so many things to tell you guys.

This is the copy of my passport photo. I couldn’t stop laughing, because I tried to smirk.

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