Visiting family can be all fun and games until you are missing something. When I visit my sister in Georgia, I get excited because it is a different scenery than where I am. I lived in Georgia for over ten years, and ever since I left, I crave the new experiences. I live in Arkansas, so packing to go anywhere is fun for me. My sister lives in Atlanta, so there are steps.

Atlanta is a place where you see a lot of celebrities, eat delicious foods, and see handsome men left and right. If you are the party type, there are also many clubs. You have an 80% chance of seeing a rapper in Atlanta. When visiting, I always pack comfy clothes along with dress clothes. I am not too revealing, but I bring a pair or two of heels, sandals, and boots. I am a dressy person so I need clothes that will make a statement. My favorite piece of clothing is a blazer. I have bought many of them recently, and love them all.

You always need comfortable clothes when visiting family. There will be days when you want to relax with a movie night. Adding some fun pajamas will be fun because you and your family could have a big sleepover. That is fun for sisters. When you are visiting family, depending on where they live, you are there to spend time with them. You don’t have to go all out, but bringing some nice dress clothes is necessary for when you go to dinner (if you plan to eat out). Lastly, don’t forget your sweats. Throw on some sweat pants while you are at the park and enjoy your time. I almost forgot a key piece to any trip. Bring your camera or take pictures’ with your phone. Capture the moment.

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