College truths hurt especially when you are new to it. You can become afraid and might not want to attend college. My goal is to give you guys` advice about my experiences in college. I believe there are things everyone should know that they never tell you. I had to figure most of these things out on my own, which is never fun to figure out.

  1. You can cancel your meal plan- You don’t understand how crazy this is. If you ask anyone in financial aid or any staff member, they will tell you that it is required to have a meal plan. There are people who never use the food halls, so it could be a waste of money. It doesn’t help that these meal plans are extremely expensive. If you want to cook your own food and cancel your meal plan, here is my tip… Tip: Go to your disability office and say you have a problem. I canceled my plan because I am allergic to dairy, shellfish, and certain fruits, and I do not eat meat. It would be a waste of food and money for me. I got accepted and ever since I have not had a meal plan. 
  2. You will need loans to pay for school- If you don’t have a scholarship, a trust fund, or the money to pay for school, you will be heavy on loans. Unfortunately, loans are needed because college is ridiculously expensive. Do you have $20,000 a semester, because I don’t?
  3. You are on your own- Thankfully you guys have me because, without any information, you are on your own in college. What I mean by that is this is not high school. There will not be a counselor checking up on you every day. You are an adult, which means it is up to you to turn in assignments, apply for financial aid, apply for housing, register for classes, and more. It’s time to grow up once you enter college.
  4. One mess up can set you back- This one hurts. It hurts because I am dealing with this now. I have classes that are only offered in certain semesters, so if you mess up or are unable to make it for that class, you will be set back a whole year. It sucks, but you have to graduate, so you do it. It’s hard not to be angry, but you can use that time to grow your grade point average and add to your resume. I would say just keep moving forward and don’t be discouraged if this happens to you.
  5. You have to stay motivated- It’s very hard to stay motivated when you have fallen. College is expensive and hard to do. Classes are tough, and you will fail many times. It’s up to you to stay motivated. I recommend working out and hanging out with friends. Travel while you are in college. Just enjoy and relax.

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Your typical college student who can relate to everyone. I am a non-meat eater, spirits believer, and a lover.