If you ride an airline plane, you know that there are three classes. Economy, business, and first class. Some airlines have even better seats for those who are willing to pay more. For example, Emirates have economy, premium economy, business, first class, and first-class suites. It is my dream to take a flight on that airline. My experience in airports has made me realize that paying for upgrades is worth it. I took an economy flight on Delta and I will never ride in economy ever again.

Economy is a class that you are thrown into when you can’t afford the others. It’s a regular seat, which many people get if they are in a rush, looking for a cheap ticket, or if they get stuck with it. You are clustered together by three or four people, and the service sucks. Depending on the plane, you get bad food with minimum drinks. When I say the minimum, I am talking about half a can of soda and some nuts. I also think it depends on the length of the flight.


The difference between these three is the plastic (lol). The main problem with economy is the numbers. There are thousands of people in line 24/7 and you have to get there about four hours early just to barely make it. That is especially for international airports. It is hectic and crazy. You are sitting next to people who sleep on you, who coughs on your ear, who have annoying children, etc. I took a short flight to Atlanta last summer and bought a economy ticket there and back. The airports were scary and hard to figure out. My seat was literally beside the engine and there were so many kids crying. They kept pulling the window covers down. I was sitting three in a row, and everyone was so close. After that, I said I would never ride economy unless there was an emergency.

When I was waiting in line for my bags, I saw that there were upgrades to speed the process up. The silver medallion allows you to upgrade and cut in line. I will definitely upgrade and join the membership because I waited in line for over an hour.

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