Being a broke college student is so normal for entering students. Luckily for me, it is still around. When you are in school, you have to make do with what you got, especially if you are living on campus. Now that I have moved back home, I am saving my money for important things. I moved off campus to save money, which is still difficult. The great thing about being home is that I have a lot of free time. I am taking online classes, so I have a lot of time to blog. I am currently working to turn my blog into my full income. Until then, I have to find a job and save.

Everyday necessities for college students involve food, clothes, school supplies, and hobbies. When saving, I find it best to calculate everything and to put yourself on a budget. Grocery shopping is harder than you think. It’s not just buying things. It’s hard because just about everyone forgets what they need and ends up buying random things. A favorite tip of my is to write it down.

Tip: Take your calculator and add $2-$5 before you start shopping. This is so you know you will never be over your budget. In the end, you can add one or two more things and still be within budget. This method has saved me so much money.

Before leaving your house, you should have a grocery list and a budget. When shopping, don’t go for the pricey foods. They may be better brands, but cheaper is better if you are saving money. This is the best method for college students on a budget. There was a time when I never went over $50 when grocery shopping. I budgeted and knew exactly what I needed. It was only me in my dorm and I wanted to cook my own food.

Shopping for clothes can and will drain your bank account. As someone who does not know how to sew, I get rid of clothes a lot. I donate excess clothes for good will and I try not to buy so much. If you go through your entire closet, you will be surprised by how much you waste. I recommend shopping for the seasons. When it’s cold, you should only shop for that season. Why would you buy bathing suits in the winter? Save your money. Some creative people make their own clothes. I envy those people.

The broke college student is a real thing. It’s hard to pay for college, take care of yourself, and focus on a job and school. You have to make do with what you have. Humans waste a lot without knowing. Your college life does not have to be extra expensive.

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