Eating in general takes skill. You have to make sure you don’t drop food, use the right utensils, and be prepared for people to look at you. Have you ever eaten without dropping food? The difference between men and women with food is astonishing. Men can digest more, so they consume more. Women can digest a good amount but we get full faster. Everyone gets surprised when women eat more than they should. Maybe we look like animals to men, or maybe they think women are competition. Back in the day, women had more etiquette than we do now. It didn’t matter what class they were in either. Men also had more etiquette than they do now.

When eating in public, women try their best to at pretty because they know men are watching them. You always have to be prepared. What if you are stuffing your face and a handsome man walks over to talk to you? Why should women care? Why would a man judge a woman based on how she eats? If we rate men on their eating style, we would give them a rate of “barbaric.” Some guys like women who eat a lot. Those are the type of guys who have long relationships (lol). You shouldn’t judge someone on how they eat. It’s food, not a grammy.

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