Hospitals are scary if you think about it. I have worked in a hospital for around 8 months, working in different positions. I now work at the front desk on the patient floors. If you are wheeled to your room, you will see me at the desk. Before my current position, I worked in nutrition as an ambassador. I also trained a little as a patient care tech. It is not easy working in a hospital. When I was working in nutrition, it was during a bad phase of covid. There was a fear of catching covid every day.

The number one thing to think about when you are working in a hospital is safety. Yours and the guest. Anything can happen at any moment. You can get sick, someone could go missing, you can get attacked, and you have to be careful of information. There are a lot of rules, but it is all for safety. I am still in training, but once I am done, I will be working 12-hour shifts. Hospitals are open 24 hours a day, so there is always someone at work. You have to talk to everyone and keep a smile even when you are tired.

Why I Chose to Work in a Hospital?

The position was low pay. I only took the job because I wanted to work and save while in school. I am not working in the healthcare field after college. If I did, it would be forensics, only because I want to study bones. I am an anthropology major, so my dream career is to research ancient bones and artifacts. The good thing is that I will get some skills. I did get my CPR license again. It is also required to work in a hospital. Anything can happen, so you have to be prepared. Would you work in a hospital?

I still think it’s funny that I work in a hospital because I hate them. I have always thought that way. I literally just needed a job, but I have really enjoyed talking to patients and learning their stories.

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