If you watch Hulu, you have seen an advertisement for the television show “handmaid’s tale.” Handmaids are women who satisfy the needs of wealthy people. In the television show, these handmaids are forced to work, get beat, and get raped by the men in these wealthy families. The world today is looking a lot like this show. Women’s rights are slowly disintegrating under our noses. It’s sad because we have come a long way to earn respect. Once the Roe versus Wade happened, all hell broke loose.

We now have men controlling the birth rights of our bodies. Where are the laws that state men should get drained at a certain age? Why not cut their junk off once they have so many baby mothers? Why do men get away with so much? It’s because they are men, and they believe they own women. Take the sex trafficking cases recently. Young black women are getting sentenced to life in prison because they killed their attackers. They never say anything about the men. A man-made that decision, and it says a lot. How did we get here?

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