A purse keeps everything we women need for the entire year. The point is to not need anything at any time. It may sound complicated to a man, but women know what I mean. Anytime I am looking for something, I never panic because I most likely have it in my purse. Below are five things to always have with you. You never know when you will need to handle business.

  • Pads/Tampons– Every time you are with a group of friends, someone in that group will ask for one. I used to be that friend, but not anymore. I keep two or three pads in my purse.
  • Perfume/Lotion– You are about to walk by that good looking guy and is in need of perfume. You should always keep a bottle in your purse for use at any moment.
  • Kleenex- Finding Kleenex when you need some can be so aggravating. You are looking everywhere in your car and end up using old napkins found in the glove department. Tell me I wasn’t the only one.
  • Powder– Some people might not even know about this one. When it’s hot, you sweat. If you are wearing makeup in the heat, your skin gets oily. The powder covers all that up. It’s an easy fix. You can also use it to cover up blemishes when you need to.
  • Lip gloss– When everything goes downhill, put on lip gloss. Don’t allow your lips to suffer just because you are sad. Your lips need to be taken care of.

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