Have you ever been to the farmers market? If you haven’t you need to go now. The farmers market is the best place to buy fresh groceries. Every city does theirs differently than the other. For example, I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the farmers market is outside, in the river market. Another example is the biggest market in Atlanta. I went last summer and there are hundreds of people from different countries selling their products. They have fresh picked veggies and fruits, and even live seafood. The fresh market near me opens every weekend, and this is where people who farm and grow their own food sell their products.

This was my first time visiting this market and I was surprised by how much stuff there was. There were cabbages, dragon fruit, beans, butternut squash, strawberries, peaches, bok choy, etc. The reason why you should buy your fruit and vegetables at the fresh market is that they are cheaper. Not only cheaper, but they are fresh. We all know they spray pesticides, but it’s worse when they are in the store. The best example is strawberries. Store-bought strawberries last a while because of the chemicals. Fresh strawberries last no longer than 3 days.

I went looking for peaches and swiss chard, but unfortunately, there were no chards. I bought peaches, beans, strawberries, and tomatoes. The strawberries were so pretty and cheap. I got a whole container for $4. The beans were $3, the peaches were $4, and the tomatoes were $3. I wanted to buy some honey, but they only had large jars with the honeycomb in them. I wanted to buy one so bad. I’m gonna get one next time.

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