Growing older sucks if you think about it. You are one year to the point of “you know.” That is why you don’t think about it. When you get older everything changes. If I could go back to my teen years, I would. I would do more because I would have a different view of things. I remember being excited to turn 21. You are officially old enough to drink and gamble. It’s funny because you still can’t rent a car. You have to be 25 to rent a car. Now that you are old enough, you have to survive. You still have your family’s help, but now it is up to you. If you want kids, you have to plan to have them at a reasonable age. You might start to think about getting serious with someone.

After you get over your drinking phase, you have to become serious. You start to figure out that life is not easy. You are an adult at 18, but at 21 you are fully developed. I am only 23 and I feel old. If I can give advice to younger people, I would say “enjoy your childhood before the memories are gone.” The only thing you can do now is enjoy your life. Live and plan as if you are going to live forever, because you won’t.

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