If you are a new freshmen entering college, you may be a little confused. You are excited about the freedom that comes with his new lifestyle, but do you have your living arrangement down? I am gonna explain what living on and off campus means. They are two different things but have similarities. They are also different prices and can change your meal plan. Did you know that?

Living On- Campus

On campus housing means living in the residence halls. You will see them all over the campus, and they all are different. Some residence halls are only for upperclassmen. There are dorms that are only for freshmen, and they also have a mix. You will not see freshmen and seniors living together in the residence halls. It is also rare to see a mix of genders in the same dorm room. They will not let boys and girls live in the same dorm. This may differ in other places, but from what I have seen, they do not.

Living in the dorm allows you more perks. You around everything, so you don’t have to go far. Safety is better, because there is a police station on all campuses. They have police buttons all over campus for safety, and that is important. If you are staying in the residence halls, you have full meal plans that you should take advantage of. This is good for people who don’t grocery shop. You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The prices vary depending on what building you are living in. Double rooms (shared) are less expensive than single dorms. If you are a freshmen, you will not be allowed a single dorm. Unless you have a disability, you will have a roommate. You can get a single dorm as a sophomore. Living on campus is expensive. There are a lot of perks, but these dorms are expensive if you are paying out of pocket. You are definitely in the $$$$, which hurts but you have to live somewhere if you want to stay on campus. I lived on campus for 3 years and I have decided to move off campus to save some money. My single dorm was $3300+ and that was after transferring. It was around $2500 at my community college.

Living Off-Campus

Off-campus housing means anything other than a dorm. Every school offer apartments as off-campus housing. It’s a little cheaper, but there are some that you pay monthly. They treat it as rent. You have a meal plan, but they give you more bucks to spend in other places rather than the cafeteria. This is to help you buy food and spend your bucks on the good food on campus. For example, chick-fil-a, pizza, sushi, etc. The police still patrol which is good, but there is a difference. You have no supervision. Living in a dorm means you have dorm advisors who watch you, and make sure everything goes right. When you live off-campus, you can do what you want. These buildings are farther away from campus.

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