The new school year is approaching, and there will be new freshmen entering college. The first day of class will have you looking like a deer in headlights. You never know what to expect on your first day. If you go back when you first applied, there are some things you might not know. When I applied, I focused on a two-year because I had to increase my GPA. I transferred to a four-year afterwards. I thought of my sisters when thinking of this post. They moved too quickly and didn’t weigh all their options. Before applying to colleges, you have to know exactly where you want to go to school. You should have three choices in your mind, just in case you get rejected.

Many things need to be considered when picking a school. Are you going to stay on-campus or off-campus? How much is the school? Can you afford it? Can you have a car? What are the academic ranks? How much crime has there been on-campus? These are important! College is too expensive to pay out of pocket. Financial aid helps a lot of students pay for school. Unfortunately, that means you will be stacked in loans, but you do not have to pay them back until you graduate. Don’t let that scare you, because it scared me. You need to price the schools because financial aid will not cover it all. You will have to pay some out of pocket if you don’t have a loan. Loans don’t cover everything either! It’s so tricky. Those who have to pay out of their pocket have a harder time as well. Paying out of pocket means you have to set up payment plans. These plans are horrible because they make you pay $1000 every two weeks. 

Did you know that most schools don’t allow you to have a car? Most colleges want freshmen to live on campus and without cars. That is because they want you to get the full college experience. They don’t care that they are throwing dollar signs your way. Research the academic ranks. You do not want to go to a school that does not care. You should want to go to a college that gives you the full package. Remember, you are paying for this!

Lastly, research the crime. This is very important. Look at the fraternities on campus and look at the news. There is something creepy about fraternities. They creep on freshmen because they are new to everything. They then embarrass the girls, and the news gets around. High school students talk about college parties, but there is a dark side to them. Just do your research. Everything I talked about is important. Get up to three choices and compare them. This is your education.

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