These heatwaves around the world are no joke. The temperatures are in the hundreds, which is deathly. I am getting back to working out, so I wanted to go outside. When working out in the heat, the first thing you have to do is look at the weather. Anything under 80 is safe. I do not recommend working out in 80-degree temperatures.

At this moment, the temperature is 76 degrees. I had to rush outside before the temperatures rise. There was also 77% humidity. There was a light breeze once I started walking on the trail. I started jogging immediately. I have not jogged in a while, and it felt so good. Running feels so free! I left my place at 6:38am and came back at 7am. The sun was coming out, and I knew I had to exercise quick. I stretched, jogged, did lunges, and did some squats. It was a quick 20 minutes, but I was already sweating.

If you are missing exercise and want to go outside, make sure to check the weather. You don’t want to jog and pass out. It’s important, because the heat wave death tolls are increasing. Working out in your home is the safest way. You are in a cool area and can do everything you do outside. I just missed running outside.

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