When we think of all the things we have in life, we have to ask the important questions. Are they important? Can you live without them? New technology makes us believe we can’t live without it since we have had it for so long. My five things I can’t live without are essential for survival and may be what we all have in common.

  • Cell Phone– It sucks to think I can’t live without my phone. I don’t necessarily need my phone, but it comes in handy if I get lost. If something happens to me, my phone can alert people. Those who go fully off-grid without a phone are trying to get away and don’t want to be found. It’s sad, but if I go off-grid or travel, I will want someone to know my location at all times.
  • Journals– Writing has become a part of my everyday life. When I feel down, lonely, angry, or passionate, I need to write about it. Journals help release feelings I don’t like to talk to people about. If a catastrophe or pandemic happens, I need to write about it.
  • Lip Balm– Any sort of lip balm is necessary. If I go a day with chapped lips, I will start to go crazy, and my lips will begin to get irritated. Before I quit using carmex, my lips would burn if I didn’t put it on every day.
  • Cold Medicine– I might just be patient zero in this world. My immune system is so bad, but I still feel like I am protected from the scariest diseases. Ever since I was young, I would get the worst seasonal colds. I’m talking puffy face, runny nose, burning eyes, swollen esophagus, and a headache.
  • Gummy Worms– I couldn’t think of anything else, so I added a snack. Gummy worms are my favorite candy. I am still searching for the originals because some stores have changed them. I need to stock up on them.

These are the five things I can’t live without. Exclude the food and water. I have a lot of things, but when I thought of them, I could only think of these. Besides the gummies, everything else makes logical sense. If I was stuck on an island with these five things, I would be ok. I would have something to eat, a tracker, medicine, non-chapped lips, and I can talk to myself (lol).

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