Guys, I have some fun news. I just got my license two days ago! I never got my license because I was never able to practice. I knew how to drive a little, but I focused on driving more after last semester ended. I passed my test the first time with flying colors. I was surprised, but I am a safe driver. My mom is a Nascar driver and wants me to drive like her, but I follow my instincts. I am going to give you guys some of my new driver tips.

  • Be calm– I am the queen of overreacting. Staying calm is key. If you follow the rules, you will be fine. Don’t be scared if someone tells you to speed up or hurry. You need to be comfortable because you are the driver.
  • Turn off the music– I don’t like to listen to music when I am in the car. It allows me to concentrate. I do like to listen to podcasts while I am driving. Truce crime is oddly satisfying on the road (lol).
  • Sit comfortably– When I first started, I thought I would be more comfortable close to the wheel, but I found out that it is more comfortable mid-way.
  • Practice parking– When taking your driving test, most teachers won’t ask you to park. My instructor did not care about parking. In the end, she asked me to pull up to the fence. I was like, “what!” I am not the best at parking, which is why I practice every day. I have gotten so much better.

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