Attending a university is a big deal. There are thousands of schools to choose from, plus you have to think of the price. Nowadays you have fewer people going to college, and more people starting businesses. I am all for it. Think about it, you are making more money without the extra expenses a college would burden on you. College is for those who want to further their knowledge. We only think we need a degree because more jobs are asking for them. That is why people are starting their own businesses.

When I was choosing my college, I had a different expectation. I thought it was party time and skipping class. I found out the hard way that skipping a class does nothing for your future. I thought the major you pick would determine how much you spend, but it’s all the same. It’s expensive, and you can end up staying there for more than four years. Education isn’t about the time frame. You have to go into college thinking that, because many things can cause you to stay another semester. College isn’t for everybody. If you want to go and can’t afford it, you need to tell yourself that there is more out there. Don’t get stuck just because one thing fails.

When thinking about your future, it can be hard to let go of the past. Whether it’s college or not, you are going to change. It’s necessary because this is your life, and you have to plan it. Letting go is hard when you don’t know what’s next. The only thing you can do is keep moving forward.

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