When you become an adult everything changes. I found that out the hard way. I have always had my older sister make a lot of my decisions. Since I am a broke college student, she helped me with some of my finances and give me lots of advice. I have finally realized that I can’t let her make my decisions, because that would mean that I don’t know myself. I figured that out two semesters ago.

Everything I want now in my life is everything I want. I have a plan for my sustainable future, and I don’t want any help. When you plan your own future, you are saying “this is my life.” It may be easy to take help, but that is not going to benefit you in the long run. It all starts with the overall plan. You can start with baby steps. If you get help from your family, you can ask for less. Save your own money and do what you have to do. Once you change this habit, you will see a major change. I know I have. I have better goals for myself that I know I can reach without help. This is big in a society where everything is getting easier with technology.

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