In life, a job is needed to provide for yourself. I don’t think people understand that a job should be more than what it is. You should like your job, your coworkers, and the work itself. Maybe you figure out later on that the job isn’t right for you. There are many reasons why people quit.

  1. The job is not right for you– You read about the job, but it’s not until you start that you realize if it will work out. The job could be different from what you imagined.
  2. You are not vibing with it– It is not your cup of tea. It’s not what you want to do every day. You can’t imagine yourself there for years.
  3. It is not helping you with your career goals- Your goals should be clear. Maybe you should focus on a job that can elevate you. Students in college deal with this in the real world. You have a major, but the job you are working at doesn’t add up.
  4. You want a fresh start– A job should be more than work. If you are tired, you may need a fresh start. Seeing what’s out there may be necessary for change.
  5. You want to start your own business– There is nothing wrong with not working. Starting a business can set you up for the future.

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