Telling someone no is probably the hardest thing to do. It’s even worse when you don’t know the person. Being a yes man is not good to go through life as. You will be used for the wrong reasons, and no one will respect you. The day you stand up for yourself is the day your life will change. Your vision become clear, and you will truly understand what confidence mean.

If you are struggling to stand up for yourself, you should first trace the problem. When did this start? What caused it? These situations start at home. Maybe you have siblings who treat you like the weakling. They make you do things they don’t want to do, and it has rubbed off on your later years. I can admit that I was a yes man growing up. It should be called yes woman, but I digress. I am the middle child and was always left out. I hated saying no because I tried to fit in with my older and younger siblings. It’s hard to fit in when you say no (that is what I thought). It wasn’t until my senior year of college that I realized I had to stop saying no.

The first no will hurt you. You are going to fill bad, but to feel completely satisfied, you have to ignore that person’s feelings. It will benefit you and them. They will take you more seriously. You will sleep better at night knowing you don’t have a handful of unnecessary baggage. It is worth being happy. Being sad is not.

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