More people are writing, and this is great for our society. There are major benefits of writing anything down. When journaling, you express your words though paper. These can be your dark secrets or random thoughts. I myself have been journaling my whole life. It started with a diary, and now I express my feeling through a blog. I have over eight journals that I write in daily. These have helped me manage everything my life. These are beneficial to my life. Below are ten ways journaling can help you.

  1. You can express your feelings– We all have thoughts we don’t want anyone to know. Journaling allows you to talk to yourself while being free. You can say anything you want without anyone judging you.
  2. Your mental state will improve– This is big in today’s society. People are talking less and letting their actions determine their thoughts. If you are depressed or having scary thoughts, write them down! Sometimes looking at your thoughts can change everything.
  3. You will improve your writing– Writing takes practice, and if we don’t practice, we won’t get better. Journaling can solve that problem.
  4. You will have someone to talk to– Treat journals as if they are other people. You can name them and write to them. They can’t judge you.
  5. You can talk bad about anyone you want– No one will read your journal. If you are angry and upset, write it in your journal to release that anger.
  6. It allows you to plan– Using journaling to plan your life is perfect. You can talk about goals and dreams for the future.
  7. They are unlimited– You can have as many journals as you want. That means you can write your whole life. That means someone is always there to listen.
  8. Use it as a building block– If you want to take it up a notch, you can write down everything you hate and use your journal to progress in life.
  9. No human being will judge you– Your annoying siblings are not there to judge the things you say. Everyone journals.
  10. You can keep them or lock them away– If you never want anyone to find them, lock them up somewhere. You can also keep them. It is up to you.

Journaling has helped a lot of people. Mentally, it can solve your loneliness problem without another person present. Physically, it can improve your health. When you are happy, your body is happy.

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