What do you like? Hobbies, classes, interests. What is something you can wake up to and be happy with every day? For me, it is a lot. I love anthropology, museums, blogging, and planning for my future. I also love decorating. My passion is the reason I am going to school. I want to do field research and find new artifacts. I am also working toward making my blog a part of my career. I would love to be a full-time blogger. There are some people who never had a passion for anything. It’s never too late.

You may not know it, but your passion is all around you. You may have to step out of your comfort zone, but you will find it. It took me three years to find my passion. I was a biology major before and then found my true love (anthropology). I am obsessed with talking about it, and if it was up to me, my college classes would only be anthropology classes. Finding your passion can take years to find. Typically, you figure it out in your middle 20s, but it can honestly be any age. That is why you see older people furthering their education. College isn’t the only way to find your passion. You can uncover things in your daily life.

It’s interesting that life has a purpose for everyone. We are all meant to do something, which is why you will be satisfied once you find it. Treat it like a game of where’s waldo. Searching through all these similar pieces. just to find yours. It may not be easy, but life isn’t. It will take a while depending on who you are. The good thing is that you shouldn’t rush anything. Take your time and explore everything. You may find more than one passion.

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Your typical college student who can relate to everyone. I am a non-meat eater, spirits believer, and a lover.