Life should be the way you picture it. I believe we should not have to work our whole lives to survive. The world is a place if curiosity and a place where anything can happen. Every job has a purpose. That is why you should pick your career carefully. Staying at a job that you are unhappy with should not be the goal. Unfortunately, everything in the world cost money, so working a boring job is necessary to your survival. If you have a dream that is unfulfilled or a career goal you want to accomplish, then do it. You have to start somewhere. It’s never too late, even though others tell you different. Maybe you want to make a career out of your hobbies. It takes a while to grow a business, which is why staying at a boring 9-5 is good. It’s good only for the money. When you grow your business, you can quit that job. If you are like me, you would just quit.

I quit my job this morning! I worked at a hospital and a patient care tech and found out that it was not for me. I never had to clean another human being in my life. I can’t touch catheters and insert things. I love bones! Anthropology is my cup of tea. I love museums and art history. I have made a lot changes this morning. It takes a lot to start doing what is best for you. I had no business working in the hospital. It has nothing to do with my degree or goals. I quit my job and now I am planning to transfer college in the spring. I plan to move to D.C and start over alone. It takes a lot to change, it really does. It’s not easy to say you want to leave and drop everything. All I know is that I am extremely unhappy in Arkansas. I am taking classes online next semester while working a regular job to save money. I will be applying to school in the north, and by the spring I plan to be somewhere else. I am excited! This is about to be a whole new experience for me.

It takes guts to do what you have to. You have to tell yourself that you can be confident and leave that useless job to start the life you want. Sometimes the life you have isn’t the one you want.

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