The times we live in is truly horrifying. This country has truly sucked for some time now. Everyday a new person has ben killed. I sometimes wonder why people wake up and choose violence. Why would someone wanna ruin a fourth of July parade for children? Now 6 people have died, and almost 30 have been hospitalized. Over 50 people have been shot over this weekend in Chicago. This happened in Chicago at 10:14am this morning. I talked with my mother yesterday and told her that someone is gonna get killed on this holiday. I was right. This is nothing new. People choose to kill on holidays to inflict horror. They are sick and they want to ruin the positive vibes. It’s honestly sick and sad.

I have chosen to not celebrate anything anymore. I can honestly care less anymore. The only holiday I will celebrate is Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. Humans really do ruin everything. The country sucks and it is because of the people. Every day we have people complaining about gun violence, but it is the same people who inflict violence. Nothing will ever change and I am not surprised. I don’t want to hear that someone has mental problems or depression. I can honestly not care anymore. I seriously do not care. This is why you have to live your life and enjoy every moment. You don’t know how long you have these days. Gun violence is ridiculous.

The shooter was not found this morning, which means he is still hiding somewhere. They also said that it was a sniper on a roof because they recovered the weapon. It’s shocking and so heartless. The fact that someone would plan this attack. They then hide or kill themselves like cowards. The sad part is that the parade was for children and families. Children were marching in the band, and it wasn’t even 10 minutes before all hell broke loose. I hate the times we live in and I hope they catch the suspect and kill him. May he get his karma or take himself out and go to hell. This is a nightmare of a morning and it says a lot about people.

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