I have been researching apartments and I am stuck. My mom said I should get a one bedroom, but I also want a studio. I don’t like a lot of space, plus rent is expensive now. I mainly wanted a studio because I can make it cozy and have enough space for all my things. The good thing about a one bedroom is that it will be more space. I have seen some that are 800 square ft and really nice. I saved some of those just in case. I just don’t think I want to decorate all that.

The thing about a studio is that you have to make use of your space. Many studios don’t have an island in the kitchen. The fix is to buy a moveable island. I am used to small spaces because my dorm room is small. I had to use all my space and DIY a lot. It was a fun project, and I made use of everything. I have always hated excessive space. Growing up, I would move my room around constantly to fill the space. I am having run researching apartments. I have to consider a lot.

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