Fear of flying is a real phobia. I myself have this phobia. I flew for the first time last summer. That was and still is the only plane I have ridden. My fear comes from the news. I see how planes crash, are hijacked, and annoying passengers aboard. My flight was so stressful, and I am going to break it down to you guys. There were two different vibes at two different airports, and I panicked so much during the trip. I didn’t even go far. I went to Atlanta, which was a 5-hour flight.

I flew from the Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton Airport to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Little Rock, Arkansas is not a busy place. Compared to Atlanta, it is nothing. The Hartsfield-Jackson airport is a international airport, which makes sense on why it was so busy. I left at 8 am that morning and was to arrive at 1 pm in the afternoon. I went through the check and was waved through so quickly. There were not many people in the airport that day. I was thinking “this is going to be a piece of cake.” I watched a movie while I was waiting to board, and I was nervous the whole time. What if something goes wrong? What if it blows up and I die alone? What if someone attacks me? These are the things I was worried about, but never happened. I also had the worst seats on this small delta plane. I was sat where you would never want to sit if you had a fear. I was next to the engine in the back. “Literally next to it.” My stomach was in a knot!

The sound of a plane taking off is very intimidating. It is legit horror. The speed of the plane is so fast, that I shut my eyes and held my stomach. I honestly thought I was going to get sick. The moment we were in the sky, I slowly opened my eyes. I still didn’t have any relief (lol). There was a couple of crying children on the plane, which annoyed me. They kept touching stuff. Why do babies touch everything? Mind you, this was during covid, so I was also afraid of catching something. There were all kinds of phobias on this short ride.

There was some bumping from the weather, but only on the way back. I arrived pretty fast. Once I arrived in Atlanta, my stress level rose to a great 100. That airport is ridiculous. It is so confusing, and people are no help. My sister was looking for me while I was looking for baggage. I was in that airport for an extra hour! It took me forever to get out that place. I never want to go back (lol).

I am proud of myself for going by myself. I said that I wanted to ride with my family first in case anything happened. Thankfully, nothing happened. I was amazed at how people can fly these huge machines. I panicked a lot, but I tried to remain calm and think of the good things. I was excited to visit my sister and eat good food. Visualizing things I would be doing which helped me. When I left to go back to Littlerock, the Atlanta airport was scary. I was in line for over 50 minutes, it took an hour to get checked, and there was turbulence. I was like, “are you kidding me.” This is why they say leave 3-4 hours early. That is no joke, especially for an international airport. It is a whole new world. I now will have to conquer my next fear of flying and that is a longer flight. That or leaving the country, which is coming soon.

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