Hotels can be scary if you have never stayed in one. Picking the right hotel is tricky because you want to be comfortable. Once you choose your hotel, depending on where you are staying, you want to find places near you to eat. Not everyone eats room service. Organization is another problem when people stay in hotels. It’s easy to throw your stuff everywhere when you are lazy or overly excited.

Let’s say you are waking up in the morning and is hungry. You may want to go to the closest diner. You might even bring your own food. Having food in your hotel is important, especially if you want to save money. Having options is necessary.

In each hotel is storage to hold your clothing and valuables. It’s good to hang your clothing up so that your important clothes don’t wrinkle. It’s also important to be organized because you will have someone coming in to clean your room when you are out. Most housekeeping steal, and if you are unorganized, you might not remember what is missing.

When using your bathroom, call down for extra towels early. That is a good tip because they only give you two or three, but they give you different sizes. If you wear makeup, you might need more because hotels use white towels. When you are on your menstrual cycle, things happen, and you will need extra towels. A good tip for that is to bring your own-colored towel.

My last tip for you guys is to check your sheets before you get under them. I stayed in this hotel and felt so itchy under their sheets. I still don’t know what that was. If you have a black light, use it. If you are afraid of what you will find, then don’t (lol).

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