I love when things go unplanned although plans are nice. Saving money for trips is good because you want to spend money. The best thing about traveling with friends is that all of you can split the price. I am planning a trip with a friend. She has another friend who wants to join, and that is better because of the prices. The good thing is that I can make a new friends and have a good time.

The first step in planning is choosing a destination everyone agrees on. Even suggesting new places can make people want to visit them. You guys need to split up what everyone’s duties are. Who is in charge of booking activities and food? Who is in charge of driving? Who helps the others when drinking? Basically, who won’t drink. Who carries the money? What are the safety precautions? These are important.

I suggested some places and am waiting to hear back from the girls. Our next steps will be planning things to do. I am going to go somewhere in the states. The reason is, that I don’t have my passport yet. Planning trips are fun. You get to be curious and experience new things.

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