I recently watched the home alone movie and started planning my trip immediately. I want to save for a trip to New York and stay in a fancy hotel. I want to shop, eat some good food, and go to the spa. I don’t necessarily want to sightsee. I want to relax and feel good. While I was watching the movie, I researched the hotel he stayed in on Christmas. It was the Plaza hotel, but they did not lie about how fancy it was. I was checking the room rates, and one night is over $1200. I would have to save over $8000 to enjoy myself there (lol). There are many fancy hotels, but that is the best one. I told myself, “That’s not happening.” I am going to research some more hotels and compare.

I can picture it right now, sipping mimosas, going to high tea, enjoying a full body spa day, shopping, eating, and vlogging. Now that’s a trip! I want to go alone because I want to unravel. When you go on trips with people, you go over places you want to visit, and you have to agree on everything. I want to know that I can do these things on my own. I live in the south, so I am itching to visit the north.

Home alone is the best movie. It’s something that we all wanted to do as a child. Keeping out bad guys by tricking them is so funny. I want to go on my first solo trip to see what would happen. I’m not walking the streets at night (lol). I don’t trust anyone, but I will enjoy myself whenever I go. I am excited to plan this trip.

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