Brunch is delicious. It is breakfast and lunch all in one. You can have croissants and seafood. You can have shrimp and grits with eggs and blueberry muffins. Along with some mimosas and coffee. It’s perfect because there are times when you crave breakfast and times when you don’t. That is why it works. Not only is it delicious, but it looks beautiful. Everyone loves to take pictures and post them to the gram. I eat brunch when I go out with friends. If I go alone, it would be to a nice cafe with my laptop. Blogging and eating brunch is so relaxing. It’s such a vibe to sit and blog while eating delicious food.

Brunch should be in every restaurant. When I am home, I randomly crave pancakes throughout the day. I hate when you go places, and they don’t have brunch food. They would get more business if they did. You mainly see brunch in cafes or places that only have brunch food. You can also go to any restaurant and eat at 11 am. That is brunch.

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