Life is very interesting when you think about it. People are born, they work to survive, and if they are lucky, they can die on their terms. Knowing all of this, people still take everything seriously. We look at the news and see that people die every day and still don’t understand. Life is supposed to be about exploring and experiences (or it should be). I have the answer to my question. Life is taken so seriously because humans make it difficult. Humans make jobs and don’t pay enough, they kill one another and then out themselves, they constantly complain about the same things, and no one tries to fix the problem.

If we focused more on ourselves, the world would be a better place. I used to think if everyone in the world had the same things, the world would be fixed. I was wrong. The one thing everyone needs to change is their way of thinking. The world is evil because of the brain. People are going all kinds of crazy nowadays, and everyone acts clueless to the fact that they are the problem.

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