I am a college student who also needed a job during school. Last semester I worked in my nearby hospital as a nutrition ambassador. I delivered food to the patients, took their orders, and helped them. I had to stock to the hospital units every day. This is because patients get hungry at night. I saw more than I thought I would ever see. I talked to patients one day, then never saw them again. I saw them take out body bags for the morgue. It’s chilling, but it’s life. Summer came, and I couldn’t afford their overpriced summer dorm prices, so I left.

When I got home, I immediately started to apply for work. I am officially working as a patient care technician. I start training this month and I am excited. I wanted to work in the hospital because people need help. While delivering food in the hospital, I saw patients get ignored by their nurses. It’s heartbreaking because no one wants to be ignored. The healthcare field can be beyond stressful. Rude patients for no reason, rude nurses, and long days. I won’t be like that. You have to treat people with respect because one day you will be in that exact situation. I was working in the hospital when covid was bad. It was a heartbreaking situation. It made me respect every worker and made me want to help.

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