The best part of living alone for me, will be the decorating. I want to give you guys’ a picture of how I want to decorate my studio living room. Studios are small, usually between 300 square feet plus more. Some are even smaller than that. The small space requires thinking, because you want to utilize all of your space. I want one sofa, a chair, a small coffee table, and more decor. I want a colorful apartment. I grew up with dull color. My entire family have horrible decorations. I have always moved my room around so it would be cuter. I would paint my room by myself and add my own decorations. I should be an interior decorator.

Sitting Area

I want one sofa and a chair. Depending on the layout, I want to angle the chair beside the sofa. I want a two-seater sofa because the space will be limited. I found the cutest velvet sofas on wayfair. I have always wanted a velvet couch. Wayfair ha amazing prices for their furniture. I plan to get all my furniture from here. I have a couple of velvet couches saved, but I can’t pick. I don’t want a specific color scheme. I love color! I am thinking about an emerald, green or blue velvet. If I get an emerald, green velvet, I will get colorful pillows. The same goes for the blue couch.

A white accent chair would be beautiful, but I would also love any color. Yellow or white would be my favorite. I purchased two cute yellow lamps from at home a couple of weeks ago. I want yellow in the theme I choose. Since I got yellow lamps, I probably wouldn’t want a yellow couch. A yellow accent chair would still be beautiful, but the white chair is gorgeous. Emerald green, yellow and the white might be the way to go. If I add a hint of one more color, it will be perfect. Maybe an orange. I would do orange decorations like flowers.

Coffee Table

I want a mid-century modern brown table. I want to decorate as a mid-century modern studio. That is my theme!


I want pictures, floor lamps, drapes, and plants. Window plants and table plants to bring out the earthy feel. A cute, printed rug and printed lamp shades will add to everything. I found some gorgeous lamp shades on lampshade plus, but they are $99 each. The two below are my favorite. Picture an emerald, green velvet sofa with yellow accent table lamps with one of these shades. It might be too much, but I love it. A cute white fur rug would be sassy, but I am thinking about it. Since it will be a studio, the bed will be near, and I would also want a cute mid-century bed to go with my theme.

These are just some things I have been thinking about. I am going to tour some studio apartments this weekend, so I will get a good idea of what they look like in person. I am excited, and I can’t wait until I move out.

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