I am officially saving for a studio apartment. I plan to move out by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. I want a studio apartment because I do not want a lot of space. I hate excess space. I live in the city, and the studios in this area are reasonably priced. There are studios between $750 and $850. I am excited to make it look cute and to have my own space. I am okay with small spaces because it’s only me. My mom doesn’t understand why someone would want such a small space, but she still likes the idea. Studios are small, but everything can be converted.

The main upside about buying my first apartment is the freedom. I can have my own space and be alone. The only downside is paying bills (lol). I will need to budget and not spend my rent money. That is funny to think of. I will be the most excited to decorate the place. I cannot wait to wake up, turn the tv on, make a cup of coffee, and enjoy my space. I can’t forget work, even though I wish I can live for free (lol).

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