If you look online, and at advertisements, you will see that many companies are offering delivery food services in bulk. You sign up online and pick our they meals you like to eat, and that company will ship you the different packages every month. The point of this businesses is for you to have food that is already prepped. It is supposed to save time and money, but does it really save you money? Hellofresh is the most popular today. I wanted to see how much I would pay if I ordered hellofresh to see if I would save money.

The Family Size is Not Enough

When you pick the family size, there are only two options. They have food for 2 or food for 4, and that is it. That means if you have a bigger family, you will have to double that. Without the coupon, you are already at $169. 79. Don’t forget that you have to double that if you have a big family. They do let you choose up to 6 meal a week. There are over 30+ meal you can choose from. The deals are great though. When you check out, they give you an offer that is appealing. I saw a deal for 22 free meals with your purchase.

When you go grocery shopping, you can get a lot of groceries with $170. You have to look at the prices and pick the right products. I went grocery shopping this week got a lot of fresh vegetables. I went to the fresh market and the grocery store. I got over 30 fresh products for $30. I am starting my plant-based diet, so I like fresh food. I would not be able to get what I need from these meal prepping companies.

What Really Happens in These Places

Like every company, scandals appear, and the truth comes out. The have had investigations for abuse and poor treatment. This is the #1 meal prepping service in the world. We should all know; it won’t be perfect. You also have to think of what they are cooking with. I don’t believe this is the healthiest service whatsoever. What I do believe is that it let people cook quickly. Workers are constantly complaining, and it is never in the news. What else are they hiding? How are they cooking their food? A lot of concerning questions.


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