Little Rock Arkansas is still growing on me. I am starting to enjoy it piece by piece. Online, when you search up things to do, they only show historical buildings and landmarks. There are more things than that in the city. I live in the city and saw some cool shops that I want to visit.

When traveling to Little Rock, you will see tall, beautiful buildings, along with four large bridges. Everything is even more beautiful at night because everything is lit up. They added colors to the bridges, and it is so beautiful. There are shows held in the city and even the annual food truck festival in September. Below are some places you need to check out when visiting the city.

  • River Market– This is the number one attraction in the city. It is filled with different food and social gatherings. On the side of the building, the city allows locals to come and sell products of theirs and host local events. Every Saturday, there is a farmers’ market open where hundreds of people attend.
  • The Galleries at Library Square– This is a perfect hang out with friends and artists. This is a place to see some expensive art. They also allow you to purchase the art and all purchases go to the gallery. The art gallery is connected to a fun library shop where you can buy books, home decor, and some cool art pieces. There is also a loft area for hanging out.
  • Fortune Telling-There is a shop that will give you your fortune through tarot cards and more. If you are into that stuff, you will love it.
  • Riverfront Park– This is where the city host performances and movies. Bring your blanket and friends to have a fun night with some drinks.
  • Big Dam Bridge– This is the perfect attraction to see at night. You can bike on it, walk your dog, go on a romantic date, and hang out. At night, the lights come on, and it is beautiful. The wind is blowing, and it is breathtaking. It will take a while to walk the whole thing, so make it a date.
  • Museum of Discovery– If you are looking for a place to take your kids, or to have some intellectual fun, this is the place. There are dinosaurs, the tesla coil, tornado simulation, and much more.
  • Metro Streetcar– If you want a tour of the city, riding the streetcar would be perfect. You get some cool facts about the city, while riding in a cool streetcar.

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