Last night along with today, was the most annoying day ever. There was a storm in Arkansas that caused a blackout yesterday. My mother and I visited my sister at school since she decided to stay on campus for the summer. We took her grocery shopping on a hot day. We didn’t eat breakfast because the drive was so long, so we decided to leave early. We spent so much money these last two days helping my sister, gas, and decorations for my soon-to-be apartment. Let me first say that gas is ridiculously high. Gas was 3.99, so we put $50 on pump one, and long story short, we had to put another $30 in the tank today. Maybe we should stay in doors (lol). After we headed back, we were exhausted. Everything was normal, we got something to snack on for the road, but we didn’t eat anything big because we had food at home. I got home and was so tired that I couldn’t eat anything. I laid on the couch and fell asleep. That was at 1:00 pm.


I woke up at 4 pm to quietness. I fell asleep with the television on, but it was off. I thought my mom had turned it off, so I went to turn it on, but it wouldn’t work. The air and lights were off. I heard people talking outside, and I was confused. Nothing was working, so I knew there was a blackout. I told my mom, who was asleep, and she said she knew. I hate when a blackout occurs because it gets hot immediately. Thankfully my phone was fully charged, so I watched YouTube for a while. We kept getting updates, and they said it would possibly be fixed at midnight. My mom stayed downstairs with me because we couldn’t sleep and we couldn’t eat anything. I snacked on my hot Cheetos (lol). We kept betting that things were open or close, so we went outside.

I was afraid because it was so dark. I started laughing because I wanted to travel and camp alone, but I was fearful at that moment. Let me be clear; people creep me out in the dark. I hate hearing them and not being able to see them. Thanks to my phone flashlight, we got in the car, and it was so foggy outside. There were no lights except the headlights, which was scary. I told her everything was down. We tried to get sonic, thinking they would have a backup generator (lol). We were wrong. We headed back home and waited it out. It wasn’t too hot outside, so I left the patio door open for the cat to sit out there. Hours passed, and midnight came…no power!


Apparently, Over 20,000 people were without power, and they said that we had to wait until the next day. I got no sleep, was agitated, and my cat kept scaring me (she is way too hyper). I had about 2 hours asleep. My mom and I left the house to wait it out, so we went to Denny’s. This was the most disgusting food ever. We were even more annoyed and left to run some errands. Both of us were still hungry, so I bought us lunch. We were waiting for the power to come back, so we did some house shopping. I plan to move out, so I went Home and Tuesday Morning. I found some beautiful lamps and vases. I have a lot of time before I get an apartment, but I want to be completely prepared, so I am starting now. After a long tiring day, we saw that the power turned back on, and we were so happy. We got back and relaxed! These were the most annoying two days ever. I bought a lot of stuff.

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