I have been making avocado toast every other day for breakfast. It’s filling and delicious. After trying a soft-boiled egg, I can never go back to hardboiled. I love the yolk of eggs because it is creamy. I want to try different kinds of avocado toast now. I used pesto on my toast with avocado when I made this toast, and it worked. I never thought that the mix of avocado and peso with ricotta cheese would work, but it did. It was only heavy when I ate two of them. One is perfectly filling. If you want to try this mix, I recommend it.

Since I have been home, I have been cooking more. I cook a lot of vegetable omelets. I use tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, red peppers, and kale. Vegetable omelets are delicious and filling. Vegetables in the morning wake you up, especially if you want something light. The best thing about this breakfast is that you can add anything you want.

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