Prioritizing yourself is a must when you are fixing things. You need to work on yourself first to make a change. People never remember to put themselves first when it’s time. Selfishness comes into our minds when that happens. What is wrong with being selfish? We are all human, which means we all have needs. Women struggle with this the most. Women who have children are at the top of the list. Children need to be taken care of, but so do mothers. Women give up a lot in this world. We work, take care of family, and keep people alive.

I can’t leave out the men. If I do, I will seem sexist. It’s hard not to feel sexist with all this abortion news. Some of these women are making my head hurt but let us not switch subjects. Men should prioritize themselves just as much as women (not so much). It’s a human thing to put others first. It is a natural feeling, but sometimes we need to put our foot down.

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